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Motivate Your Consumers with Personalized IVR & ON-HOLD MESSAGING

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the first, and sometimes only, interaction many customers have with a company, and is a primary aspect of telephony. IVR recordings need to be clear, concise, warm, and friendly. On-Hold Messaging (OHM) is an opportunity to engage your callers and let them know about your companies newest offerings while they wait on hold. And of course, there are your voicemail messages, which also gives you an opportunity to make a personal connection, even if it’s just a happy holidays, and let your callers know about something current for your business. To connect to your callers, you need Peter Rein’s warm, clear, and sincere voice that customers will trust. 

Individual Telephony Samples:

On Hold Messaging

On Hold Messaging

Out of Office

On Hold Messaging

Real Estate


Video Telephony Demo

Downloadable Telephony Demo mp3:

Make Every Caller Feel Special

“Connect me with a person!” That’s what’s on almost every caller’s mind when they dial, right? And yet, your business is busy, you can’t take every caller immediately, plus you have some unique offerings that you know will help your customer out. That’s where Peter Rein comes in. With professional, quality telephony, he will make sure your callers feel heard and cared for as they wait on hold, navigate menus, or leave a voicemail. Your phone voice is in many ways the voice of your business, so let’s make sure it’s a voice your callers trust.

Plus, now you can expand the voice of your business into true “Sonic Branding” specialized for small businesses! Check out the Voice Over For Small Business page to learn more. 

Work With Peter Rein

Peter is an experienced telephony narrator who has trained with the best of the best. He knows the voice over trends and will provide you with a sound reflective of the current industrial climate that will always sound current and connected. He will work with your timeline and budget to ensure that his industry-standard voice overs will be delivered on your terms. In addition to his voice acting experience, Peter was a teacher for over a decade and understands firsthand how to communicate important information in a way that is relatable and palatable. Reach out today for a custom audition to see if his sound is right for your project! Fill out the contact form below or visit the contact page here for more ways to get in touch.

If you’re a small business owner and ready to go, check out his CUSTOM TELEPHONY OPTIONS, including a unique subscription service, individual “À La Carte” options, and combined Sonic Branding Packages!

If you want to hear more, visit the DEMOS page to easily listen to samples of his voiceover in a variety of styles or his SERVICES page for access more in-depth information about each genre and service Peter Rein can provide. 
If his sound isn’t quite right for this project, here are Peter’s RECOMMENDED VOICE ACTORS to do the work he isn’t suited for.

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