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Authentic. Youthful. Trustworthy.

Professional Voice Actor

  • Experienced male voice over artist ready for all your VO needs!
  • Specialized training and experience in a wide variety of genres!
  • Super fast turnaround, usually within 24 hours
  • Available for directed sessions and script proofreads
  • Fast ethernet (~780 Mbps) for remote direction
  • Broadcast-quality audio within in your budget to give you a professional sound without breaking the bank
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In The Studio:

Recording from an expert-designed broadcast-quality home studio equipped with:

  • sE T1 microphone*
  • sE2200 microphone*
  • sE NEOM USB microphone (for conferencing and travel)* 
  • Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Audio Interface
  • 2023 MacBook Pro
  • Logic Pro X with Izotope, Waves, and Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins
  • ATH-M50X Studio Monitors
  • Fully-treated home studio designed by legendary acoustician John Brandt
  • Source-Connect Standard: @peterreinvo
  • Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Discord, and other online conferencing/remote recording platforms

What People Are Saying:

Working with Peter is like flying first class.

Max Rabault

Recording Engineer, 7 Holdings Media

Peter was very responsive and made some recommendations on the reading that made it sound more natural and authentic. We really appreciated the work he did!”

Andrea Dillard

Coin Harlan Consulting

“Peter is not only a joy to work with, but incredibly professional and prompt in his delivery. I gave a Peter a copy for an extremely personal and important project and he sent me a perfectly recorded and delivered performance to me by the next day. Thanks Peter!!”

Mark Swan

Author: Death and Human Resources

“It’s amazing to work with Peter. He’s very talented, has an excellent voice, and a great ability to work in real-time. He’s very professional and always willing to make proposals. His work is great and he has a lot of respect for the people who work with him. He’s a great person and you will be very happy with him and his work”.

Alberto Novoa

Peter Rein Voice Over Voice Actor Headshot

About Peter

Peter Rein Hirschhorn is a professional voice-over voice actor based just outside Denver, Colorado. Bringing a wide birth of experience to the table, he has worked in many different fields of voice acting including Commercial, Corporate, eLearning, Dubbing/ADR, Animation, and more! He trained under many fantastic coaches, including Anne Ganguzza, Tim Powers, and Everett Oliver. Peter has been in numerous masterclasses from a large variety of coaches and professionals in the industry in a variety of genres, and received specialized training in Dubbing/ADR. He also has professional acting, dialect, and improv training through the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, RISE Comedy, and the Bovine Metropolis Improv Theater. Peter Rein is trained and ready to provide you with industry-quality voice over services!

(if you were looking for his music site, visit

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    *I do not give anyone permission to use any of my recordings for the purpose of training or producing any form of AI voice over, Text-to-Speech, or similar software or production.