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Peter Rein - The Story So Far

Peter Rein Hirschhorn is a professional voice actor based just outside Denver, Colorado. He initially trained as a voice actor under the fantastic coaching of Tim Powers through Such A Voice. In addition to many various masterclasses and workshops, he studied directly with Anne Ganguzza, one of the top coaches, demo producers, and working voice actresses in the country. Peter is endorsed by sE Electronics, and most recently worked with legendary acoustician John Brandt to design and build his home studio.

Peter was part of a training-to-talent program with Enbogatoday, where he received extensive ADR and dubbing training and work, including two lead roles. He also has professional acting, dialect, and improv training through the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, RISE Comedy, and Bovine Metropolis Improv Theater.

Growing up in Colorado, Peter Rein has always had an affinity for the arts. He began learning piano when he was six and began studying percussion when he was 11. He has taken an active interest in acting since high school, taking theater classes and performing in theatrical music ensembles through the Marching Band and Winter Percussion activities. He has consistently meshed his musical endeavors with voice acting, providing his voice to many of the musical projects he was involved in, well before transitioning into a professional voice talent.

A Voice Actor and Musician

In addition to voice-over, Peter Rein is an actively performing musician and music educator. He graduated from Colorado State University in 2017 with degrees in Music Composition and Percussion Performance. Peter has been teaching private music lessons since 2012. He has taught or is currently teaching lessons in marching percussion, concert percussion, drum set, music composition, music theory, and piano. Currently, Peter is involved in two primary music projects: the singer-songwriter duo Occam’s Rose and the ska-punk band Then I Fly. Both projects perform regularly and have original music available on all streaming platforms.

When not working as a voice actor or musician, Peter enjoys video games, hiking, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and hanging out with his fish tanks and his cat, Thalia. 

Peter Rein Drumming with band "Then I Fly"
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Anything and Everything Else

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To learn more about Peter’s music career, or if that’s what you were going for in the first place and you’re very confused about why everything seems to be about voice acting, here’s the site for you:

If you would like to check out his bands, you can visit their websites listed below or find them everywhere you stream music.

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