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Up Close and Personal - Telling Your Story

Stories are everywhere. Documentaries, whether they are a TV series, film, webseries or Youtube masterpiece, are an amazing way to capture and share the world around us. Choosing the right narrator can enthrall your viewers, pique their interest, and enhance visual storytelling. If you have a story to tell, let me be the voice to narrate it for you.

Let's Share Your Passion

Growing up, about half of the content I consumed were documentaries. Specifically nature and animal documentaries, but that’s just where my passions were at the time. I always love learning and sharing the passions of others, so let me do that with you. That passion and interest are just as important for the narrator as they are for the viewer to create an authentic product, and I have passion in droves. Let’s connect and talk about your passion. It would be my pleasure to provide a custom audition on request or to book a session (live or self-directed) to narrate your script.

Video Demo:

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Individual Spots:

African Lions

Steve McQueen



If you want to hear more, visit the DEMOS page to easily listen to samples of my voiceover in a variety of styles or SERVICES for access to more in-depth information about my specialties. 
If my sound isn’t quite right for this project, check out my RECOMMENDED VOICE ACTORS to do the work I may not be suited for.

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