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So Why Me? Why Peter Rein?

I come from a long line of literature. My mom was an editor in New York for a long time before moving to Colorado and becoming a successful literary agent. I grew up surrounded by books, and was that kid who was always reading (even when I wasn’t supposed to be). The discovery of audiobooks was a game changer for me, and I was the one renting the sets of 5-10 CDs from the library, and that was my first introduction to the world of voice over (which clearly had a lasting impact). 

As a voice actor and narrator, I’ve been trained by some of the top coaches in the industry (Pat Fraley, Anne Ganguzza, Arianna Ratner and more) to guarantee you the quality your hard work deserves. Beyond training for specifically audiobooks, I’ve trained (and worked) in character acting as well as corporate narration, where I’ve studied extensively how to make even the driest, most poorly written copy engaging. So I’m confident your wonderfully written words will keep your listeners, well, listening!


Story Comes First (any genre)

My job as a narrator is not to have the most suave sounding voice or the spiciest character sound. It’s not even to have people say, “what a great narrator.” In fact, my job is to not even get mentioned at all. My job is to be a perfect conduit between the text and the listener, so they don’t focus on the actual narration, but rather only the words themselves. Any narration or character choices I make will be designed to  elevate the text, not me or my own ego. My number one job is to serve the story (including the drier text from an instructional book or school textbook). 

Individual Audiobook Samples

1st Person Narration (Fiction)
3rd Person Narration (Fiction)
Dialogue (Fiction)
Informative/Textbook (Nonfiction)
Historical/Social Studies (Nonfiction)
Self-Help/Explainer/Educational (Nonfiction)

Production? How does that work?

Fortunately, I can take care of most of this without you even needing to think about it. I have a background in music, experience in production, and am very knowledgeable about the standards required by the major audiobook distributors. I even have an endorsement with a microphone company assure you that the recording quality will be top notch! (more on that here). I’m comfortable with the submission process for ACX, and can give help you direction if you are unsure of the best route to take with your shiny new audiobook.

Let's Talk About Your Book!

    ~ A brief note about AI ~

    My perspective is that no matter who you are, no matter how good the AI, the second the you as a listener recognize that the text is read by AI you stop hearing the words and are just listening to hear how good the AI narration is. That is exactly the opposite of what the narration should do, in my opinion. There are places where an AI voice-over makes sense, but it is not in the audiobook industry.

    *I do not give anyone permission to use any of my recordings for the purpose of training or producing any form of AI voice over, Text-to-Speech, or similar software or production