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Peter Rein will provide a quality real estate voiceover

"Why Add Narration To My Virtual Tour?"

In order to stand out among the numerous listings being advertised through MLS and social media, how can you make your own listings distinct? As potential homebuyers use the internet to research their options, how can you ensure that every aspect of a property catches their attention? Simply putting pictures or even a video to music is no longer enough in the competitive real estate market. The addition of a professional narration to your virtual home tour will distinguish it from competitors and accurately communicate the unique story of the property for sale.
Fun fact: Clients can increase engagement by up to 88% by including video with voice over!

I will provide professional-quality voiceovers for you, on time and on budget.

Downloadable Real Estate Demo (mp3):

"How Can Voiceover Benefit My Real Estate Business?"

As a realtor, property owner, agency, or any part of the real estate business, there is an opportunity to add a level of professionalism and consistent messaging with voice over! Did you know clients can increase by up to 88% engagement by including video with voiceover? Let’s get your listing off the internet and sold by adding voiceover to your virtual tours, giving a boost of confidence to out-of-state buyers!

Or maybe you are a real estate agent and need to get your message out to sellers – I can provide a confident and effective voice for your marketing (check out my Commercial Demo for my “selling voice”).

Are you the owner of an apartment complex people need to know about? We can do both, offer an amazing virtual tour of the room as well as a sizzle video to show off all your awesome amenities!

Are you a larger real estate corporation with many moving parts? Keep communication consistent company-wide with some professionally narrated inward-facing videos (see my Corporate Narration Demo for examples).

Real Estate and Voiceover go hand in hand – let’s work together to grow your business! Click Here to take your business to the next level.

Quality in a Fast-Paced Real Estate Industry

I pride myself in not only providing industry-quality voiceovers, but providing top-tier audio on your timeline! In most cases I can deliver your voice over within 24 hours; often times same day within a few hours. I’ll provide fully edited voice tracks in MP3, WAV or AIFF format, whatever you prefer. So you can be ready to sell as soon as that listing goes up!

Real Estate Demo (video)

Individual Real Estate Samples

Virtual Tour Introduction
Gated Community
Virtual Tour Walkthrough
"Features Include"
Real Estate Agent/Agency
Condo/Apartment Building

"What If I Don't Have A Producer?"

Maybe you just have a few photos of the listing, and don’t have the connections, budget, or time to put a full video together. I can help you out! I have training in both Adobe Premiere and Logic Pro X to put together a professional video tour for you. With my work in this industry, I also can write a high-quality script for your video. For reference, my Real Estate Demo video (seen above) was entirely self-produced. Let’s talk and see what will be the best strategy for you and your business! 
Disclaimer– I am a professional voice actor and musician, but I am not a professional engineer, producer, filmmaker, or script writer. I offer this service as an extension of my voiceover work with skills I have acquired over my time in this and the music industry, not as a stand-alone service. If you would prefer to hire a professional production team to accompany my voice over, I would be more than happy to direct you to a few that I have worked with and trust.

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