Welcome to My Home Studio!

Designed by legendary acoustician, John Brandt, this studio was lovingly and meticulously built by hand to exceed today’s standards for the working voice actor. By turning the full room into a studio, I created an environment that more closely resembles the professional recording studios used in major movies, TV, and commercials than the typical home voice-over booth. The room is located in a relatively quiet neighborhood, with additional professional isolation techniques used to seal off the room from unwanted noise. Two types of specialized acoustic absorption panels and two sets of custom acoustic diffuser panels were used in the room treatment. The panels are placed specifically to create the best-sounding voice overs in the location I chose for my “recording station,” but also allow for versatility and experimentation within the space, depending on the project. 

Full Studio Specs:

  • Acoustic Treatment:
    • 4″ Double-layered High-Density (6lbs per foot) fiberglass panels in recording “cubby” and ceiling
    • 8″ Deep Custom “Pink fiberglass” acoustic panels
    • 2x Floor-to-ceiling custom acoustic diffusers
  •  Microphones:
    • sE T1*
    • sE2200*
    • sE NEOM*
  •  Hardware
    • Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Interface
    • Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitors
    • Audio-Technica ATH-M30X Studio Monitors
    • M-Audio 3.5″ Studio Monitors
    • Rode PSA-1 Boom Arm
    • Furman PST-8 Power Conditioner/Surge Protector
    • Mogami Gold Studio XLR Cable – 5 foot
  • Hardware (cont.):
    • D’addario XLR Cables – 3 foot and 12 foot
    • Neewer Microphone Arm Stand (spare)
    • Samson Microphone Stand
  •  Computer Hardware & Software:
    • 2023 Macbook Pro
    • Logic Pro X
    • Izotope RX 10
    • Hardwired Ethernet averaging 780 Mbps download speed
    • Adobe Suite
    • Logitech StreamCam
    • Source Connect Standard
  •  Other Miscellaneous
    • Sennheiser Presence UC headset
    • PowerSpec PC (used for video editing, marketing, generally anything besides recording).
    • Govee LED lighting; Lithonia track lighting

Don't Take My Word For It -- Hear For Yourself!

RAW Studio Recording Sample:

Photo Gallery:


  • YouTube series going into detail about the building process for this studio
  • Conversation with John Brandt about the benefits of a studio like this
  • Additional Studio Samples of various recording locations within the studio
  • Studio Samples of music recorded in this studio
  • An option to rent this studio if you are local and need a space to record (?) TBD
  • Studio consultations for deciding the best route to upgrade/improve your own studio

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