A Voice Actor & Musician

Classically Trained Composer, Performer, and Educator

In addition to being a voice actor, Peter is also a professional musician! He has degrees in percussion performance and music composition. Rein taught music for over a decade and consistently performs in Denver and beyond, and has recorded music that is on all major streaming platforms. His studies in college and time spent in the recording studio have given him unique skills that he applies to his voice acting. Music and the music industry holds a special place in his heart, and he is always excited at the prospect of working with musicians and music businesses.

Voice Over and Music Together

Not only has Peter Rein used his music training to augment his abilities as a voice actor, but he brings his voice acting into music and offers it as a rather unique service! Voice over introductions and excerpts in songs can bring an additional level of depth, character, and production to your song. Here is an example of his voice used to augment the music in a song by his band, Occam’s Rose:

If you would like to use Peter’s voice on your song or album, don’t hesitate to reach out! He is familiar with vocal editing and effects relating to music and can create exactly the sound you are looking for, or will happily send you the raw audio and leave it to your producer. Scroll down for more music voice over services.


Occam's Rose Will Write A Theme For You!

Peter Rein (along with Occam’s Rose) wrote the theme song for the upcoming audio drama OMG, I’m Dating A Vampire (in which Peter also stars). If you are interested in Peter and/or Occam’s Rose composing original songs for your productions, reach out to Peter here or Occam’s Rose at https://occamsrose.com/

The Marching & Pageantry Arts and Voice Acting

Benefits of a Professional Voice Actor

As marching arts shows continue to grow into more story-driven, immersive, and interactive productions, the level of excellence demanded in the sound design has skyrocketed. A professional voice-over will bring that heightened quality needed in a competitive landscape, where a normal recording from a staff member or performer may not cut it. Peter Rein will provide you with a quality recording for your production to elevate the work of your design team, staff, and performers.

Example of Peter's Voice Over in a Winter Percussion Show:

*He is using an accent in this production. He has dialect training and can bring a worldly sound to your production if desired. To hear his natural voice, check out his Demos.

What Makes Peter's Recordings Different?

The key factor that makes a voice over from Peter Rein stand out above others is his intimate knowledge of the marching & pageantry arts. Peter has been involved with the marching arts for over 15 years as a performer, instructor, director, composer, arranger, clinician, and sound designer. He has worked with a variety of ensembles of different levels, including starting a high school winter percussion ensemble and providing clinics for independent ensembles such as the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble. Peter wrote, arranged, and provided voice overs for many of the ensembles he worked with.

All this is to say, Peter is incredibly familiar with the way voice overs function in a marching arts production, how they need to be placed, balanced, and EQ’d, what makes it competitively effective, and the general budgets programs have for this kind of thing. If you think his voice could fit your production, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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