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Finding the Right Commercial Voiceover

Finding the right sound and voice for your brand can be a challenge. You need someone that sounds professional, yet relatable. A voice actor that knows how to sell while also sounding authentic. You likely want your voice talent to sound unique and yet familiar, so listeners feel comfortable enjoying familiarity and yet can also recognize your brand’s voice. And, of course, you need your voice overs delivered on your timeline, within your budget, and with industry-standard quality. This can be a lot to ask, especially when you have to sift through hundreds of options. Fortunately, Peter can make your life a little easier, as he has the training, skills, equipment, and professionalism to provide everything you are looking for in a commercial voiceover.

Individual Spots:

Guitar Center




Ally Bank



Video Demo

Downloadable mp3:

Elevate Your Brand

Peter is here to make your brand sound better than ever, with a relatable tone, youthful energy, and undeniable authenticity. Whether it’s retail, food, services, or software, Peter’s voice will close the gap between you and your customers. Not only that, he has a significant vocal palette and range and will work with you to dial in and find exactly the perfect sound for your brand! Let’s get to work.

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If you want to hear more, visit the DEMOS page to easily listen to samples of his voiceover in a variety of styles or his SERVICES page for access more in-depth information about each genre and service Peter Rein can provide. 
If his sound isn’t quite right for this project, here are Peter’s RECOMMENDED VOICE ACTORS to do the work he isn’t suited for.

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