Let Me Tell Your Story

Commercial Demo

You’ve got an amazing service, product, idea, or message that the world needs to know about! This is where I can help you. Let’s get the word out together.

Corporate/Business Narration

You and your business have an important message that needs to be heard. And people need to listen! Let me bring your story to life in a way that keeps people engaged and empathizes with them — bringing them one step closer to where they need to be for your business.

Character Reel

Do you need a superhero, a quirky shop-owner, a maniacal villain, a brooding teen, a spunky kid, or maybe a giant monster, or anything in between? I’m here to bring your characters to life. 

Documentary Narration

Your story needs to be told. No matter how simple or complex, dark or exciting, informative or just fun, they all need a voice to captivate your audience. I’m excited to bring your passion to life, discover it myself, and spread that passion to others.

Audiobook Narration

Bring your book to life. I’m excited to find the right voice to engage your listeners and lift the text off the page in any and every genre! Contact me today and let’s talk about your book.

Real Estate

Let’s go beyond just pictures of your listing and make sure every feature is heard. Or perhaps you’re an agent who needs a professional voice to spread the word about the fantastic services you offer. Any part of the real estate industry can benefit from professional narration, so let’s work together and give you that boost you deserve.

Like What You Hear? Request a Custom Audition