Character Comes First

What sets the great voice actors apart? It’s not the ability to do a hundred different voices. It’s not even the ability to make unique sounds you’ve never heard before. The key is character. Creating true and believable characters is about great acting. It doesn’t matter if the voice is coming from a barista, a duck, or a dragon, the human connection through voice acting is what really brings characters to life. I’m here because I have the knowledge, training, and experience to do exactly that. Every character I voice will not only have a unique sounding voice, but the quality acting to authentically connect it to your story, world, and audience.

Video Demo:

Downloadable mp3:

A Wide Range of Characters

Do you need a superhero, a quirky shop-owner, a maniacal villain, a brooding teen, a spunky kid, or maybe a giant monster? I’m your next door neighbor, your best friend, or your worst enemy. I could be a slinky cat or the king of the jungle, the tavern keeper or the galactic director. I’m here to bring your characters to life. Listen to my character reel for a small sample of characters I can voice for you. My reel focuses mostly on the darker/villainous characters you wouldn’t get a sense of in my other demos. I’m excited to voice the next character for your video game, animation, dubbing/ADR production, audio drama, or any other project that needs a character to connect with!

Individual Spots:

Arrogant Antagonist

Norse Leader

Innocent Child

Brooding Anti-Hero

Maniacal Mystery Man

drawn image of peter rein, voice actor
If you want to hear more, visit the DEMOS page to easily listen to samples of my voiceover in a variety of styles or SERVICES for access to more in-depth information about my specialties. 
If my sound isn’t quite right for this project, check out my RECOMMENDED VOICE ACTORS to do the work I may not be suited for.

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