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Corporate narration is a crucial mechanism for businesses, organizations, companies, and corporations, large and small. It is a dependable and time-tested way to convey information to both employees and consumers. Having a proficient and professional voice-over artist is essential in preserving consistency in message delivery and training videos. Quality voice over also ensures that the mission of your company is clear across the board. Peter Rein is a professional male voice talent for corporate narration. His voice has been described as authentic, relatable, and articulate.

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A Professional Voice Actor For Your Corporate Narration Needs

Corporate narration covers a range of topics, from onboarding and training to safety procedures, harassment policies, internal messages, product launches, and insurance and employee programs. While using an employee’s voice may seem like a good idea, it can lead to inconsistencies in communication among employees. For this reason, it is essential to have a reliable and professional voice actor like Peter Rein who can deliver information effectively, with high-quality sound and quick turnaround. A versatile and adaptable narrator is essential for various corporate narration projects. You need someone who can both excite your employees about the holiday rollout and relate to them about the serious hazards of misusing equipment. Peter will convey information in a clear and straightforward manner, with a friendly and relatable tone. With a professional narrator, corporate video voice-over projects will be more effective and achieve better results.

A Voice to Engage Everyone You Need To Listen

Corporate narration encompasses both inward and outward communication. Inward communication serves to inform employees and team members about significant company information, whereas outward communication is intended for customers or a broader audience. Effective communication of both types can help establish the brand and foster greater cohesion among employees and customers. Shared information can provide insight into the mission of the business, stimulating enthusiasm within and beyond the organization. This can lead to a distinct corporate identity across all aspects of the workplace. Peter has the training and versatility to provide exactly the voice you need.

Work With Peter Rein

Peter is an experienced corporate narrator who has trained with the best of the best. He knows the voice over trends and will provide you with a sound reflective of the current industrial climate that will always sound current and connected. He will work with your timeline and budget to ensure that his industry-standard voice overs will be delivered on your terms. In addition to his voice acting experience, Peter was a teacher for over a decade and understands firsthand how to communicate important information in a way that is relatable and palatable. Reach out today for a custom audition to see if his sound is right for your project! Fill out the contact form below or visit the contact page here for more ways to get in touch.


If you want to hear more, visit the DEMOS page to easily listen to samples of his voiceover in a variety of styles or his SERVICES page for access more in-depth information about each genre and service Peter Rein can provide. 
If his sound isn’t quite right for this project, here are Peter’s RECOMMENDED VOICE ACTORS to do the work he isn’t suited for.

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