Recommended Voice Actors

This is Peter Rein’s hand-picked selection of voice actors that he trusts to deliver top-quality audio to you! If Peter’s sound isn’t quite right for your project, but you trust his work and professionalism, check out some of the other voice actors he trusts to do amazing work for you.

(Need another listen? Peter’s demos can be found here)

Terry Briscoe

Terry Briscoe is a multi-racial talent with long and short-form narration, commercial, video game, corporate explainer, podcast intro, and character credits. His focus is on giving you a Voiceover Experience for your project.

Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham offers a strong male voice suited for a wide variety of roles. From friendly to villainous, he brings a commanding presence or a soft touch.

Robin Grimm

Robin Grimm’s vocals bring everything from a touch of wisdom, whimsy or intrigue, to credibility and trust to your project. Visit Robin’s website and join the buzz!

Amy Bermudez

Amy Bermudez, Cashmere & Coffee VO. A voice that is so comforting, so dependable, so charming, it makes you feel like all can be right with the world. Soft and polished like a cashmere sweater, warm and bold like a cup of coffee – Amy Bermudez is a professionally trained voice actor with a soothing, graceful, lyrical sound.

Shelle Riehl

My voice has been described as warm, but quirky, likeable, energetic, bubbly, yet believable, and authoritative. I am your Fun Best Friend, Sassy Crazy Aunt, Nurturing Mother or a Maniacal Villain, all with a contagious effervescence that draws people in and makes them want to be a part of the journey I am on. Offering a wide range from Animation to Commercials, Narrations to E-learning.


Reyna Starr

Reyna is a born storyteller. From the time she learned to talk, she has been telling stories to everyone (even the stuffed animals). From audiobooks and eLearning to commercials and characters, Reyna has a strong, warm voice that everyone can find comfort in.

Mike Gonzales

Michael Gonzalez is a professional voice actor based out of Southern California. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he will use his upbeat, friendly, and fun voice with a touch of his Brooklyn roots, to make your projects sound unique and interesting.

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